The second book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy, this novel is definitely appropriately named. After my experience with Delirium – you can read my review HERE – I started Pandemonium with very high expectations. Luckily I was not disappointed. Right from the start it was emotional and intense and within the first few pages I was captivated (and not just because I was desperate to see what was going to happen post-Delirium).

Set in the same dystopian America we visited in Delirium, this novel delves further into the system of, and figureheads behind, the ‘love is a disease that we can and need to cure’ mentality. We see this world again through Lena’s eyes, but as a result of her experiences in Delirium – and the events that occur throughout this story – the way she sees things changes quite dramatically. For those who may not yet have read Delirium I won’t go into too much more detail about the plot of Pandemonium so that I don’t ruin the story for you. I will say, though, that there is another boy, another case of the deliria, and many more twists, turns and occurrences that I never, ever saw coming.

From a more technical view point, Oliver’s writing is as good if not better than Delirium. Once again I found her use of language and metaphor to be fantastic and continued to enjoy the way her writing lures you into a false sense of comfort before something huge an d usually unexpected happens. In this novel Oliver chose to use a slightly different layout and way of telling the story. Pandemonium is separated into ‘then’ and ‘now’ chapters, alternating the telling of Lena’s story between the events that followed on from the end of Delirium and where she finds herself months later. The seamless transition between these chapters left me pleasantly surprised. Jumping from past to present does not always work and it isn’t always particularly easy, but Oliver nailed it. It was very effective for this story and the impact would not have been the same if it had been written in chronological order instead.

The countdown is on for the release of the final novel in this trilogy, Requiem, so we can finally learn when, where and how Lena’s story ends!


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