Brisbane is my hometown and one of my favourite places in the world, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t very big. This makes finding a band you love enough to buy their merch and CDs, and go to as many of their shows as possible who also call Brisbane home, a pretty awesome thing to do. Two years ago; and two years into their career; I discovered such a band – pop-punk five-piece I Am Villain.

The first time I intended to see I Am Villain, I didn’t end up seeing them at all. A trip to Sydney happened to coincide with The Mission in Motion and Stealing O’Neal’s second ‘Good Times & Killer Rhymes’ tour, so of course we had to go to a show. The Villains were the only support band for the co-headliners and I figured that if they were hand-picked by two of my favourite bands for the spot, then they were probably worth checking out. Unfortunately for them, we ended up joining some of the other guys for dinner and missed their set altogether. Oops. After that I was determined to see what they were like, so it was only a month or so later that I saw them in Brisbane for the first time.

After that, I was at almost every show. Some were headlining gigs while others were support slots for bands like Man Overboard. Their EP was – and still is, for that matter – on high rotation in my car. I know that for the most part all pop-punk sounds the same –I even wrote a blog post about it! – but I still loved their sound and their energy and I was never disappointed by a performance. That is why I am so sad to write that last night I attended their last ever show.

I know that John Farnham has been playing his “last ever shows” for years now and the hilarity of that was not lost on the Villain boys who chose Farnham’s hit You’re the Voice as their intro song for the show. Unlike Mr Farnham, I am quite certain that in this case, the last ever really did mean EVER. Bands have been known to surprise us, but they’re usually the ones who were really famous and made a tonne of money that they’ve since blown through and are going ‘shit…we need to tour again!’ (It’s possible that they just love the music and want to come back to it, but the money thing is funnier.)

But anyway.

The set list was fairly predictable, but at a final show you would be disappointed if it wasn’t. Most of their EP was there, their single Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse (which was my song of the week this week!) was there and they also threw in a few songs off the album they never released (still very disappointed about that) as well as an incredibly unpolished but nevertheless entertaining cover of Four Year Strong’s hit Wasting Time that had a decent chunk of the crowd joining them onstage for an epic sing-a-long.

They closed with favourites Take it Now and of course their biggest hit, Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn which was probably the worst performance of that song I’ve seen, yet somehow it was also the best. The crowd was on the stage, the band was in the crowd and everyone was belting out the lyrics as though their lives depended on it, and I suppose in that moment, they kind of did. It was a fantastic end – since there did have to be an end – to I Am Villain’s career. They may not have been huge, but they sure as hell were loved. I’m glad I could be a part of it.


copy 1


I got a free shirt and I caught a guitar pick! Very exciting! 


(Apologies for the bad picture quality, I only had my iPhone)




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