Music Monday: Song of the Week #13

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Sounds
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I know I have missed a few Mondays, but I’m back and ready to share some more awesome music with you!

This song of the week is called Underdog and it’s by British rockers You Me at Six.

Like many bands now featured heavily in my music collection, I came across You Me at Six (I’ll call them YM@6 for short) quite by accident. I had heard of them, but never taken the time to listen to any of their music because for whatever silly reason I figured that I probably wouldn’t like them anyway. How wrong I was!

When YM@6 announced an Australian tour in mid-2011 with support by The Mission in Motion (who I have mention here before) I had to go. I hadn’t missed a single Mission show in Brisbane since late 2009 and I wasn’t about to start. I didn’t want to be that person standing at the back with no idea what was going on during the headline band, so finally I got a hold of some YM@6 and gave it a chance. I absolutely loved them! And for that matter, I still do.

According to lead singer Josh Franceschi’s twitter over the weekend, the band is back in the studio recording their next album. Very much looking forward to hearing what they’re working on in the not too distant future!

For more about the band, check out good old Wikipedia for what you need to know: 

(I know that it’s not the greatest source of reliable information, but for the most part it’s pretty useful!)


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