After my previous 16 songs of the week you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of music I generally listen to. Pop-punk is on high rotation, as are a few other fairly predictable bands that sit within the punk/rock/etc base genres.

This week, I share something so completely different it has even surprised me how much I enjoy it.

Readers, meet Celldweller.

This song, Blackstar, is seriously rocking my world right now. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but I love it so much I can never just play it once; it gets repeated two or three times and always a little bit louder each time!

I had to do more research than usual for this post since Celldweller is a new addition to my music library and until today I hardly knew anything about them. Well, him, actually. Here’s the very basic run-down:

Celldweller is Klayton – yep, vocals, instruments and programming is all one guy! (And an incredibly talented guy at that). With three EPs and four albums under his belt, as well as a number of songs featured in movies and tv shows (including One Tree Hill, one of my personal favourites) I think his success speaks for itself.

So why is it surprising that I enjoy this so much?

I have always openly expressed my dislike for almost everything electronic within the music industry. I have never understood how or why people enjoy dubstep and techno and whatever other subgenres fall under ‘electronic music’ when, in my opinion, it all sounds terrible and pretty much the same. I believe in music and artists who play actual instruments – guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc – and sing without altering the way their voice sounds with the use of a computer. Music that can be created in so many different forms without the need for all of the bells and whistles, so to speak. It seems absurd, then, that I like Celldweller at all, let alone as much as I do. I can’t explain it, but I’m just going to roll with it!


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