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“Take away these lines, it’s making no sense to me but we don’t care, let’s see if I can change…”

This song of the week is a from an alternative rock band I have seen perform at least twice (maybe even three times) who hail from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

The band is Dead Letter Circus (affectionately known as DLC) and the song is called Lines which is without a doubt my favourite DLC song.

Dead Letter Circus was formed in late 2004, releasing one self-titled EP that was very well received. A number of singles made it to high rotation on radio station Triple J and they toured Australia extensively off the back of this EP. Their first full-length album This is the Warning was released on May 14, 2010. DLC began work on a new album to be titled The Catalyst Fire in early 2012. It was confirmed by the band last week on June 28 that this album is now complete (hooray!) and will be released on August 9, 2013.

Check out Lines and keep an eye out for The Catalyst Fire next month! I know I’m very keen to hear what they’ve been working on.

(Not the greatest video, but it was the best I could find)

“We all wanna feel something, we all wanna feel something, we all wanna feel something, but we don’t wanna change…” 


Hello everyone!

I have spent the last few weeks trying to motivate myself to get back to blogging and I think I finally have my mojo back. Thank goodness for that!

This song of the week is by a pretty awesome up-and-coming Australian band from Sydney called Strangers who recently played at SXSW – if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you check it out here – and did a little tour around America before heading home to start work on their second album. They couldn’t lock themselves away to write and record without a tour of home first, which is how I came to see them at Brisbane’s Crowbar on May 16.

But before I go on about that: the song!

It’s called Bred For Breeding and while it isn’t my favourite song from Strangers’ debut album Persona Non Grata (that you absolutely have to find and listen to) it’s still a damn good song.

Strangers just wrapped up their ‘Closer to Nowhere’ tour (their new single from the album which happens to be one of my favourites) and as I mentioned, I was lucky enough to catch them in Brisbane. It was the third time I have seen the band live and they have consistently put on a fantastic show. They’re a very tight live band who you know will at least reach, if not exceed your expectations every time. They give the same amount of time and effort to their performances whether they have a crowd of 500 or 50 – the latter of which would best describe the attendance on this particular night – which I think is an admirable quality. Many bands reach a point in their career where they believe it is beneath them to perform to a small crowd. but I don’t think Strangers will never be one of those bands. After the show the guys are always happy to have a chat to everyone and show their appreciation for those who have taken the time to come and watch them play.

I took a few photos on the night – iPhone only – and here is my favourite of lead singer Ben Britton:

Ben Britton. Brisbane, May 16, 2013.

Ben Britton. Brisbane, May 16, 2013.

I also got a set list, yay!

strangers set list


If you ever get the chance to catch a gig, do it. Even if you don’t leave as a new Strangers fan, I can promise that you will have witnessed one hell of a rock show. Oh and please check them out on Facebook, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

This may be the most inappropriate music video I have posted so far, but when it comes to Sydney pop-punkers Heroes For Hire, you would expect nothing less.

The song is called East Coast Blazin’ and while it’s not my favourite HFH song, it’s definitely up there. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it pretty accurately sums up tour life for bands driving around the countryside in a van, trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

Since the release of their second album, “Take One For the Team”, in 2011 – which followed their debut release “Life of the Party” – Heroes For Hire have had a pretty good run. They toured the US alongside Unwritten Law in 2011 and were the first Australian band announced for the Soundwave Festival 2012. Their third album,”No Apologies”, was released in September of last year and I think it’s their best work so far. Most recently they were added to the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival which brings together some of the world’s best pop-punk, punk, hardcore etc. This year’s lineup is particularly awesome – you can check it out here.

Unfortunately, like many bands and artists, HFH have experienced their fair share of drama and controversy. This really came to the fore last month when band members Duane, Gremlin, Potter and Anthony decided that it was in the best interests of the band to continue on without their lead singer and arguably the only remaining founding member, Brad. I have read the official statements from both the band and Brad – as well as many unofficial comments on Twitter and Facebook. While it would be easy to choose to believe one side over the other, to direct hate towards either Brad or the remaining members of HFH, I am choosing instead to wish Brad all the best in whatever comes next for him and to continue to support HFH in their new form. It will be different, of course, but I am eager to see how the band pulls together and carries on without Brad as their front-man.

Heroes For Hire are currently on tour with Brisbane band Nine Sons of Dan and I am hoping to make it their Brisbane All Ages show next month. I’ll be sure to post a review if I manage to get there.

I know I have missed a few Mondays, but I’m back and ready to share some more awesome music with you!

This song of the week is called Underdog and it’s by British rockers You Me at Six.

Like many bands now featured heavily in my music collection, I came across You Me at Six (I’ll call them YM@6 for short) quite by accident. I had heard of them, but never taken the time to listen to any of their music because for whatever silly reason I figured that I probably wouldn’t like them anyway. How wrong I was!

When YM@6 announced an Australian tour in mid-2011 with support by The Mission in Motion (who I have mention here before) I had to go. I hadn’t missed a single Mission show in Brisbane since late 2009 and I wasn’t about to start. I didn’t want to be that person standing at the back with no idea what was going on during the headline band, so finally I got a hold of some YM@6 and gave it a chance. I absolutely loved them! And for that matter, I still do.

According to lead singer Josh Franceschi’s twitter over the weekend, the band is back in the studio recording their next album. Very much looking forward to hearing what they’re working on in the not too distant future!

For more about the band, check out good old Wikipedia for what you need to know: 

(I know that it’s not the greatest source of reliable information, but for the most part it’s pretty useful!)

Brisbane is my hometown and one of my favourite places in the world, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t very big. This makes finding a band you love enough to buy their merch and CDs, and go to as many of their shows as possible who also call Brisbane home, a pretty awesome thing to do. Two years ago; and two years into their career; I discovered such a band – pop-punk five-piece I Am Villain.

The first time I intended to see I Am Villain, I didn’t end up seeing them at all. A trip to Sydney happened to coincide with The Mission in Motion and Stealing O’Neal’s second ‘Good Times & Killer Rhymes’ tour, so of course we had to go to a show. The Villains were the only support band for the co-headliners and I figured that if they were hand-picked by two of my favourite bands for the spot, then they were probably worth checking out. Unfortunately for them, we ended up joining some of the other guys for dinner and missed their set altogether. Oops. After that I was determined to see what they were like, so it was only a month or so later that I saw them in Brisbane for the first time.

After that, I was at almost every show. Some were headlining gigs while others were support slots for bands like Man Overboard. Their EP was – and still is, for that matter – on high rotation in my car. I know that for the most part all pop-punk sounds the same –I even wrote a blog post about it! – but I still loved their sound and their energy and I was never disappointed by a performance. That is why I am so sad to write that last night I attended their last ever show.

I know that John Farnham has been playing his “last ever shows” for years now and the hilarity of that was not lost on the Villain boys who chose Farnham’s hit You’re the Voice as their intro song for the show. Unlike Mr Farnham, I am quite certain that in this case, the last ever really did mean EVER. Bands have been known to surprise us, but they’re usually the ones who were really famous and made a tonne of money that they’ve since blown through and are going ‘shit…we need to tour again!’ (It’s possible that they just love the music and want to come back to it, but the money thing is funnier.)

But anyway.

The set list was fairly predictable, but at a final show you would be disappointed if it wasn’t. Most of their EP was there, their single Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse (which was my song of the week this week!) was there and they also threw in a few songs off the album they never released (still very disappointed about that) as well as an incredibly unpolished but nevertheless entertaining cover of Four Year Strong’s hit Wasting Time that had a decent chunk of the crowd joining them onstage for an epic sing-a-long.

They closed with favourites Take it Now and of course their biggest hit, Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn which was probably the worst performance of that song I’ve seen, yet somehow it was also the best. The crowd was on the stage, the band was in the crowd and everyone was belting out the lyrics as though their lives depended on it, and I suppose in that moment, they kind of did. It was a fantastic end – since there did have to be an end – to I Am Villain’s career. They may not have been huge, but they sure as hell were loved. I’m glad I could be a part of it.


copy 1


I got a free shirt and I caught a guitar pick! Very exciting! 


(Apologies for the bad picture quality, I only had my iPhone)



This week I proudly introduce my favourite Brisbane pop-punkers – I Am Villain!

This song, Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse, pretty much sums up this band and the video is great.

It is with great disappointment that I announce they will be playing their last ever show this Friday night. I’ll recap their career with a brief review of the show on the weekend. In the mean time, check out this song as well as anything else you can find from their EP ‘One Night, One Victim’ because that is some seriously good pop-punk music – if you’re into that kind of thing!

In honour of it being Australia Day this past weekend, I decided my song of the week for this week was going to be something Australian.

It was not an easy decision, but Australian music doesn’t get catchier, more lighthearted, or anywhere near as fun as Brisbane band Hey Geronimo, so this song – Why Don’t We Do Something? – was the perfect choice. (This is also one of the most creative music videos I have ever seen!)

Hey Geronimo, formed by members of Montpelier, Blame Ringo and The Boat People in 2011, have had a stellar run since the release of their first single – our fabulous song of the week – in December 2011, and their debut self-titled EP in June of last year. They’ve been on the road with the likes of Owl Eyes, Ball Park Music and the Jungle Giants, as well as playing the Caloundra Music Festival late last year and the Gold Coast leg of this year’s Big Day Out. These guys are also set to join The Presidents of the United States of America  on their upcoming Australian tour.

New music is in the works – no doubt you’ll hear about it here once it has been released!

If you want to hear/know/see more of Hey Geronimo you can visit their Facebook, Band Camp, or follow them on Twitter.